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The Redemption Process

To redeem your tokens for gold, you must have an approved CACHE account and provide an Ethereum address that holds CACHE tokens you wish to redeem.

You can select any parcel for redemption as long as the pure gram total of the parcel is equal to or less than your CACHE Gold token balance. During the checkout process you can choose to:

  • Pick up your parcel(s) at the vault (only available at some vaults)
  • Ship your parcel(s) to your mailing address (this incurs additional costs)
  • Sell your parcel(s) to a liquidity provider that accepts gold deliveries at the vault

Once you submit your redemption request, CACHE will reserve the parcels for 10 minutes in order to allow time for payment of the balance due. If you fail to send the full balance due within the time limit, the redemption request expires and any partial transfer received will be refunded to the originating address.

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Important Notice:In light of proposed changes to Singapore's Precious Stones and Precious Metals (PSPM) Act affecting asset-backed tokens like CACHE Gold Tokens (CGT), we have suspended the issuance of new Cache Gold Tokens (CGT) including the conversion (transfer-in) of physical gold bars to CGTs.Redemptions of CGTs for physical gold bars will be unaffected with this change in policy.