What is CACHE Outstanding?

The number of CACHE Gold tokens outstanding represents the total number of CACHE Gold tokens minted. This can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is CACHE in Circulation?

CACHE in circulation represents the total number of CACHE Gold tokens circulating in the general public. Each CACHE Gold token in circulation must be backed by one gram of pure gold. CACHE in circulation can be calculated by subtracting the number of tokens in the CACHE Unbacked Treasury address from the total number of CACHE Gold tokens outstanding. The CACHE Unbacked Treasury address holds tokens that have been redeemed. The CACHE Gold smart contracts and CACHE Token Governor prohibit the transfer of unbacked tokens until new gold is deposited in the vault and locked to back the tokens.

What is CACHE Locked Gold?

CACHE Locked Gold represents gold that backs CACHE Gold tokens. CACHE Locked Gold cannot be unlocked or removed from the vaults unless an equivalent amount of CACHE Gold tokens are redeemed. The current supply of CACHE Locked Gold is always visible on the CACHE Explorer.

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