What is CACHE Outstanding?

The number of CACHE Gold tokens outstanding represents the total number of CACHE Gold tokens minted. This can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is CACHE in Circulation?

CACHE in circulation represents the total number of CACHE Gold tokens circulating in the general public. Each CACHE Gold token in circulation must be backed by one gram of pure gold. CACHE in circulation can be calculated by subtracting the number of tokens in the CACHE Unbacked Treasury address from the total number of CACHE Gold tokens outstanding. The CACHE Unbacked Treasury address holds tokens that have been redeemed. The CACHE Gold smart contracts and CACHE Token Governor prohibit the transfer of unbacked tokens until new gold is deposited in the vault and locked to back the tokens.

What is CACHE Locked Gold?

CACHE Locked Gold represents gold that backs CACHE Gold tokens. CACHE Locked Gold cannot be unlocked or removed from the vaults unless an equivalent amount of CACHE Gold tokens are redeemed. The current supply of CACHE Locked Gold is always visible on the CACHE Explorer.

CACHE Gold Stats


Audited ByVaultLocationDateAudit
Bureau VeritasIDS Dallas (IDS_DFW1)Dallas, USNov 19, 2021 Download
Bureau VeritasThe Safe House (TSH_SIN1)SingaporeNov 18, 2021 Download
Bureau VeritasLoomis (LoomSWZ1)Zurich, CHDec 3, 2021 Download

CACHE uses GramChain® asset tracking and Chainlink Proof of Reserve (PoR) to guarantee 100% gold backing and to facilitate physical redemption on demand. GramChain® tracks events at the origin and enforces immutable transparency so that any error or omission will be permanently and publicly visible. This level of transparency enforces operational excellence. GramChain's technology allows anyone to audit CACHE Gold's physical backing at any time, 24/7. The only prerequisites to perform an audit are a web browser, an internet connection and basic elementary school level math skills.

Important Notice:

CACHE Gold, established in 2018, embarked on a mission to digitize gold through the issuance of fungible ERC-20 tokens, utilizing the GramChain asset tracking system. This innovative approach offered a transparent and fully backed solution, providing real-time and tamper-evident Proof of Reserve (PoR).

Recent regulatory changes and proposed amendments are expected to significantly increase our compliance and administrative costs, rendering the issuance of new gold backed tokens in Singapore unfeasible. In light of these developments, CACHE Gold has made the difficult decision to enter indefinite dormancy. This move is aimed at addressing the operational complexities arising from the recent and potential regulatory shifts. Our primary focus during this period of dormancy will be to facilitate the redemption/conversion of any remaining tokens.

If you hold any outstanding CGT, please contact us at [email protected] for guidance on CGT redemption/conversion.

CACHE Gold has consistently maintained more than 100% backing for its tokens and possesses adequate net assets to responsibly close operations, settling all liabilities. We have actively reduced outstanding tokens and hold only a minimal number of third-party tokens.

We deeply regret being unable to realize our vision of issuing highly transparent public blockchain gold tokens.