Physical Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of physical assets is the process of representing real-world assets in the form of digital tokens. By tokenizing physical assets, it is possible to track ownership and store value digitally. Asset tokenization facilitates more efficient systems for trading, transferring, and managing assets, as well as reducing the costs associated with traditional asset management. In addition, tokenization can also unlock liquidity and increase access to capital markets, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and invest in new asset classes. Asset tokenization has the potential to dramatically change the way people interact with physical assets while revolutionizing the traditional financial sector.

Our Mission

CACHE was founded to develop the technologies for tokenization of physical assets. CACHE's mission is to allow investors to access, own, and manage their physical assets in the digital realm.

CACHE brings the benefits of blockchain technology to real world assets, enabling process automation in a secure, transparent, and verifiable manner. CACHE's platform and infrastructure bridges the gap between traditional asset ownership and the public distributed ledger technologies, allowing users to securely store, manage, and trade their physical assets within the world of Web3.

An Ideal Partner For Tokenization

Tokenizing physical assets is a complex process. Challenges include the prevention of fraud, theft, and counterfeit goods. Lack of a centralized registry or authority makes it difficult to track the ownership and value of physical assets.

CACHE is an ideal partner for the tokenization of physical assets, with extensive experience in precious metals, vaulting, and blockchain technologies, as well as unparalleled transparency provided by GramChain and Chainlink. CACHE can help your business build secure, transparent processes for any use case.

CACHE Leadership Team

CACHE is governed by a shareholder agreement that delegates operational policy decisions to the board of directors, which is comprised of three individuals who are registered as such with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

Gregor Gregersen

Director and CEO

Gregor has 20 years of software development experience and over the past decade has brought over 375 tons of gold and silver to Singapore, most of which are stored at The Safe House. With The Reserve he is currently building the largest vault for precious metals in the world.

In software development his roles have included:
  • Founder of Little Bit Pte Ltd, developer of vault management software, Lloyds insurable cryptocurrency storage and collateralized P2P lending systems
  • Senior Data Architect at Commerzbank AG
  • Business Intelligence Consultant for various MNCs (BMW, Microsoft, T-Systems)
In precious metals he founded:

Brian Hankey


Brian has more than a decade of digital commercialization experience. He has designed compliant IT systems, helped to prevent fraud in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force, launched the largest cryptocurrency ATM network in Singapore and co-developed an insured Bitcoin custody solution.

His background includes:
  • Chief Technology Officer at Daenerys & Co., Singapore’s largest cryptocurrency ATM operator.
  • Advocate in the Global Digital Finance Association supporting development of ISO standards for digital assets and codes of conduct for custodians.
  • Designed and developed custom software for companies in a range of industries including e-commerce, fintech and motorsports.
  • International financial analyst in roles across the United States and Europe.

Nils Gregersen


Nils has managed teams up to over 30 employees for many years. He holds a Bachelors and Masters in Business Informatics and has been active in the crypto space since early 2017. In the past six years, he worked as an IT consultant and architect in projects for major clients at IBM. Afterwards he founded his own CeDeFi company in Germany.

His background includes:
  • CEO and Founder of Paycer GmbH
  • AWS Partnership Manager DACH at IBM
  • Senior Consultant & IT Architect at IBM
  • Team Lead at Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Dias Lonappan


Dias has 13 years of software development experience. He holds a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Databases and is a crypto evangelist and teaches solidity in his spare time.

In software development his roles have included:
  • Leading the technical team at Cynopsis Solutions Pte Ltd
  • CTO and Cofounder of
  • Head of Engineering at Serv Group Pte Ltd
  • CTO of Quantified Assets Pte Ltd, a crypto payment provider
  • IT & Data Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services

Nizam Ismail


Nizam is an experienced attorney and consultant with over 27 years of expertise in financial services regulatory compliance and litigation. He brings invaluable regulatory and compliance know-how to CACHE.

As a regulator:

Nizam spent six years as a regulator at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), where he was Deputy Director and Head of the Market Conduct Policy Division. At MAS, Nizam worked on various policy reviews leading to the enactment of key legislation including:

  • The Securities and Futures Act
  • The Financial Advisers Act
  • The Business Trusts Act
As a regulatory and compliance counsel he was:
  • Head of the Financial Services Practice at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP
  • Head of Compliance for Southeast Asia at Morgan Stanley
  • Executive Director, Legal and Compliance at Nomura Singapore
  • Senior Legal Counsel at Citigroup

Otbert de Jong

Strategic Advisor

Otbert is a former PwC partner and head of the risk advisory services of ABN AMRO Bank. He brings over 20 years of governance, regulatory, compliance and risk management experience to CACHE in addition to his blockchain expertise gained as co-founder of the insurance technology company,

His background includes:
  • Co-founder of Metis Consultancy, Risk Management & Technology for Financial Institutions.
  • Head of the Dutch Governance, Risk and Financial Services Compliance advisory unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
  • Executive Vice President, Global Head of Risk Advisory Services ABN AMRO Bank NV.
  • Senior Vice President, Head of Credit Portfolio Management Asia Pacific ABN AMRO Bank NV.