Transfer In Physical Gold

If you would like to exchange your physical gold for CACHE Gold tokens, you can deposit your physical gold at a partner vault. We have partnered with Silver Bullion for Transfer in. In future, we may add additional Vaults and Providers.

How to tokenize your physical gold:
  1. Depositor Registration: Register a CACHE Gold account and verify it.
  2. Deposit Request: Create a deposit/transfer request in the CACHE website and receive a Deposit Reference ID.
  3. Withdraw Gold: Withdraw Gold from your Silver Bullion Account and make a note that it is for tokenization. Also provide the Deposit Reference ID.
  4. Receiving and Verification: The partner vault The Safe House receives, verifies and parcelizes the gold.
  5. Receive Tokens: CACHE Gold tokens equivalent to the amount of gold deposited are sent to the depositor's registered Ethereum address.

Please log in or register to transfer in physical gold.