Liquidity is Crucial

Liquidity is a crucial aspect of finance. In finance applications, liquidity is essential for several reasons. Liquidity facilitates market stability, market efficiency, and price stability.

Liquidity Challenges

Providing liquidity in the precious metals industry can be challenging due to a number of factors. One major issue is trust. Precious metals are tangible assets that can be difficult to authenticate and verify. Another challenge is the lack of standardization in the market. There are a wide variety of precious metals, each with their own unique characteristics. It is challenging to create a standardized market for these assets. Additionally, the precious metals industry is known for having a high degree of fragmentation, with a large number of small dealers, which makes it difficult to create liquidity.

Our Solution

CACHE provides liquidity for a range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and nickel. CACHE's technology provides transparency, traceability, and security for the storage and transfer of precious metals, making it more trustworthy for clients and partners.

The Network Effect

The network effect is a phenomenon whereby increased numbers of people or participants improve the value of a good or service. When it comes to liquidity, it means that the more partners that use CACHE's technology and services, the more buyers and sellers there will be in the market. This makes it easier for users to buy and sell assets, which will reduce volatility and transaction costs. With more liquidity, the market will be more efficient, which helps attract more users and partners to the platform, creating a self-reinforcing cycle.

Partners and Service Providers

Dillon Gage

Dillon Gage is one of the largest metals trading firms in the world and has оver 40 years оf experience serving precious metals dealers, financial institutions, banks and brokerage houses around the globe.


Loomis International is the leading specialist for international valuables logistics solutions. Through a global network of Loomis branches, partners, Loomis offers solutions to handle and transport precious metals and foreign currencies throughout the world.

The Safe House

The Safe House is an ISO 9001 certified, state of the art vault which can hold over 1000 metric tons of silver and 30 tons of gold and platinum. The stored bullion is segregated and placed in uniquely identified, tamper evident bags (parcels) that can be easily tracked by clients.


Brink's is the global leader in cash management, route-based secure logistics and payment solutions including cash-in-transit, ATM services, cash management services and international transportation and storage of valuables.

Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion provides segregated ownership of gold, silver and platinum. Silver Bullion's focus is on minimizing storage, counterparty and jurisdictional risks in a manner that traditional financial institutions cannot.


The Chainlink network is used to facilitate the transfer of tamper-proof data from sources outside the blockchain to smart contracts on the blockchain. Chainlink provides a solution to the so-called Oracle problem.

Little Bit

Little Bit provides technology and software solutions for the precious metals and vaulting industries.


GramChain provides physical asset tracking systems using blockchain technology for physical assets. is an easy-to-use gold savings application powered by CACHE technology that helps consumers to save in gold.

Important Notice:

CACHE Gold was founded in 2018 to digitize, by issuing fungible ERC-20 tokens, uniquely tracked gold bars in a transparent and fully backed manner using GramChain asset tracking system, thus providing a real-time and tamper evident Proof of Reserve (PoR).

Our approach was compliant to the definition of an asset-backed-token under the Singapore Precious Stones and Precious Metal Act (PSPM Act) as administered by the Singapore Ministry of Law.

In mid-2023, Singapore Ministry of Law announced the proposal to amend the PSPM Act whereby “the definition of asset-backed token will be updated to exclude digital payment tokens” and that “[sale of] tokens backed by gold to a customer after the effective date of this amendment, will not fall within the scope of regulated dealing under the PSPM Act.”

With these changes, gold backed tokens, from a regulatory perspective will be regarded as securities under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). MAS securities regulations makes the issuance, distribution and trading public blockchain tradeable tokens impractical.

This shift removes the regulator assurance of issuing new CACHE Gold Tokens in Singapore and as a result, CACHE Gold has made the difficult decision to enter indefinite dormancy, with the aim of just facilitating the redemption/conversion of any remaining tokens.

If you hold any outstanding CGT, please contact us at [email protected] for guidance on CGT redemption/conversion.

CACHE Gold has consistently maintained more than 100% backing for its tokens and possesses adequate net assets to responsibly close operations, settling all liabilities. We have actively reduced outstanding tokens and hold only a minimal number of third-party tokens.

We deeply regret being unable to realize our vision of issuing highly transparent public blockchain gold tokens.